Creative Processes

These last few weeks have been pretty busy.

I am working on a devotional with a friend.

I am creating the art pages and she is writing the devotions..

My friend Nina is an incredible woman of God..and boy, can she write some powerful devotions.

She has a true gift of thought….I love me some Nina.

When she asked me to do this with her, I was a little well…let’s say intimidated.  I mean REALLY, me do the art

 are you kidding me. What if I screw mess it up and she hates it, but because she is so kind she would never

say anything, then she is trying to sell this mess to the public..and they are like.(insert cali girl accent) who and the

heck did this art…she really needs to stick to her day job..oh that’s right she doesn’t have one..

So, here I am listening to her tell me how MUCH she LOVES my art and it’s just perfect..blah blah blah, blah blah!

So I say YES!!!.

Oh, did I mention there are 31 day of devotions..meaning,, YES, I am to create 31 different ones.

We talked about maybe I could do 15 then reuse some..but because I am crazy weird, once I started, I wasn’t ok with that

so yep it is 31.

I have about 11-12 more to do by the end of next week.

I’m truly enjoying this so much. It’s a  time when I just turn on music and tune out the noise of the world

well most times anyway..

I love to paint in a Whimsical fashion and that is what Nina was drawn to.

This is a little sneak peek into a page.

I really am learning a lot about myself in this process…that I WAY to hard on myself.

That I really need to chill out on being a perfectionist and just let what happens happen under the brush.

God gave me a when I am doubting myself, my abilities and what I think is not that great

 of creativity. I am doing it to God, be cause we were after all created in HIS image.

So today, a month and half later, I am very grateful for the privilege to be working along side an amazing friend.

To be able to do something I LOVE and to possible make someones day just a little brighter with all the colors and God’s words in the devotion.

I can’t wait to see it all printed and bound..stay tuned for that.

Thank you Nina for having the confidence in me to work beside you..Love you girl.


Pallet Love..

So we have all seen it, the wonderful things made out of Pallets, they are all over Pinterest.

Well I had this great idea for me my husband to make me a work bench to make my jewelry on,

since I took over my his work bench.

Let’s just say when my husband puts his mind to something he does it at a 110%

LUV HIM!!!!!

I sent him alot of pictures, I had things I wanted, I mean I had to HAVE!

BIG, shelves, tall and durable oh and CHEAP, I mean FREE!

So you know how it go and hunt for the pallets.

Typical Wood Pallet


Then you have to take it all apart ( which is by far in my Knights words the hard part)

and because I didn’t take great pics along the way of ALL his hard work, here is the top before legs and stain.

Isn’t it nice..

Stained top

I wish I would of taken pictures of him working…he worked so hard on this project.  He enjoyed it..well most parts.

Cause you know a man and his tools..

Almost done

It’s starting to come together..I LOVE IT!!!

Yeah..It is stained

I just love how he made what I saw in my mind come to life..

All Done.

Now all done, I love it…I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning, organizing and getting rid of stuff I just didn’t need anymore..and boy does if feel good.

So this is now my new work station and I LOVE IT!!!!!

So excited to work out in the garage now.

Oh boy I have soooo many other ideas…watch out honey the list is getting HUGE!!

Here are some ideas.

and last but not least…doesn’t everyone need their husbands making one of these for them..

I mean we did say cheap, I mean free projects…just think of all the money we could save with this one.

My very own custom casket..wonder if they make pink stain…;-)

All pictures courtesy of Pinterest.

Now off to go make something new on my new bench..
Did I say I LOVE IT!!!!!



Treasure Hunting…

Hello Friends, this past friday was so awesome here in NC, the sun was out, it was about 79…my favorite temp. So I thought I would go on a treasure hunt.  I am still looking for that perfect piece of furniture to paint…so I headed to Suzanna’s Antiques.  I always seem to find something there I like. They have booths in which  people rent and sell their own antiques and bits and baubles, it’s their little business.

Love the teacups they remind me of my mom.

I love blue glass, it reflects so pretty in windows, but I didn’t buy any. Nor did I find that perfect piece to paint, but…

I found another treasure, I love things that store other things.  I have many pens for doodling, drawing or just plain one can never have enough storage places to put them.  I found this great basket for some of my pens/markers.

It is sooo sturdy and the handle is metal it’s great.

It has dividers so I am able to keep certain things separate, love this little guy.

I met the nicest lady that has her own little store in a separate building out at Suzanna’s. She only buys and sells local, she gave me a few items for our fundraiser/giveaway.  I won’t show you those now, don’t want to give anything away.

I have spent a couple days, doodling and painting for a devotional book me and a friend are working on. I provide the art she does the writing ( I have the easier piece)…I will show more on that at a later date.  But for today I get to write my autobiography for our Home Study and finish the rest of the paper work needed.  We should be able to have that all done by weeks end..YIPPEE!!!!


Has it really been a Year??

Hello Beauties, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we had a great Thanksgiving, just can’t believe it is that time of year already.  After reflecting over this past year, I realized it has been a year since I started this blog.  I just can’t believe how time flies.

It has been a blast, it started one way but ended another..there are times I really want to change the title because it is not reflecting what it is all about.  But the question is how would I do that??  So I sit an wait.
The one thing this year that I have noticed, is that I have been very overwhelmed with alot that has been going on in our lives.  At times I can’t get a good grip on what I am doing and what needs to be done.  I feel like I am a dog chasing my tail. My mind is always racing with ideas and thoughts..some good some bad.  The only constant in my life is the Lord and my Faith.  Praise God for this.
This coming year looks like a year of many great things, The Ministry I am in, the new part time sales position I took a couple of weeks ago, I have seen little snippets of God’s plan for my husband and I..not sure exactly what it is, but there is something big.  I have soooo many ideas…but I can’t seem to organize or keep anything straight..I am working on this.  The one thing I have really enjoyed this year is taking online art classes…without my art I would loose my mind at times….

I have taken them from 
I have loved each and every one of them.. But the person I most relate to is Stephanie Ackerman, I love reading her blog Homegrown Hospitality It is so full of inspiration, faith and doodling…

Right now she is offering a class, I can’t wait to start it ( did I say I would loose my mind if I didn’t create).  I love how she mixes her love of God and her art together…it is one of my passions to teach some sort of mixed media art to woman to help them either find their passion in art or to help heal hurt that might be in their lives through art. (just not sure if I have enough skill)…but it is a passion of mine to create and to make a living doing it would be an added bonus.
 Photo courtesy of Homegrown Hospitality
If your looking to take a fun class on line at a very reasonable price with a wonderful creative person please head on over to Stephanie’s website Homegrown Hospitality. You won’t be disappointed.
Try something new this year, don’t let it overwhelm you, just take one day at a time.


Art Spark!

Hello my friends, hope today is going to be a wonderful day for you. It is freezing here in NC 29 degrees brrrrr.  So I am a snug as a bug under my blanket…
I have been so busy trying to work out my new schedule, I am not real good at that.  I tend to get up and go the way the wind takes me..which is not good when you work from home.  It’s a great thing and a bad thing.  I have really lost what I do love the most and it is doing some sort of art daily, but that has gone out the window since starting this new job, which I am thankful for but it takes time away from what is my real passion.
I have been working on this little guy for awhile now and I think I am finally done (I thnk)…
I had alot of fun making this little painting…my friends say I need to sell my items, I just don’t know where to do it other then Etsy.  I am trying to work up enough nerve to take some of my items to this little place in Wake Forest.  But you know how it is…well for me anyway…you have fun creating, your friends say they like it (not sure if it is out of loyalty or they really do)…but your just not sure if you can make a living out of it.
SO there it is in a nut shell, I am chicken.
I want to work on some canvas’s of tea cups and coffee mugs for a friends new coffee house they are opening..
Well, Thanksgiving is next week, what prep work are you doing?  I bought the turkey yesterday, I actually had to push the freezer door shut with my foot…I NEVER have enough room for all the stuff.
SO what are you doing this nice cold saturday?  Whatever it is do it in thanks.


The Season Changes and so does life!!

Don’t you just love the change of season?  I love the fall time, the colors change, the crispness in the air, it even smells different with just a hint of a fire burning in the fireplace. 
I am not a real fan of winter, I don’t like dreary days and my body just does not like being I enjoy everyday of the fall season.  Are there seasons you are not crazy about?  I too believe we go through seasons in our lives, some we battle and don’t like and some we love..
There is a new season coming in my/our life the next few weeks and I am not ready nor like the season coming up, just like I don’t like winter. Like winter season, this new season all I want to do is hide under a big cozy blanket and close my eyes and wish it away.  But I know that is not true reality.  I am scared, resentful and angry of this new season coming, but there is NOTHING I can do about this new season in my life, but to take a deep breathe and rely on God.  HE is the ONLY thing to get me/us through this..and having True Faith that he will carry us through and beside us along this journey.  God is so good..
This is going to forever change our lives, I am not saying everyday is going to be hard, I know there will be joy in there somewhere on this journey.  I am truly afraid this will forever change the relationship between my husband and I..we have a great strong marriage, but how we are seeing it right now, we will not see it the same way starting in a few weeks…this will change over time hopefully with patience and endurance (praying for these two things right now)…but the stress coming up with this new season is sometimes right now, more then we can handle, but again this will take God’s hand in our lives to get through it all, and letting go of the fear and handing it over is all I/we can do..
The one thing that gets me through alot of difficult times is again God and my relationship with Him, but also my art ( love mixed media)…I love to paint and create…and in this area of my life I go through seasons and this season it is all about paint, canvas, oils, paper and brushes…I just got my second request for a painting, truly blessed to get paid for something I LOVE to do.  I also LOVE to decorate the house…my poor hubster is going to be coming home to alot of redo’s in this place…heehee.
Here is a little bit of what I have been doing…

 Still not sure about that big white cloud….
You can find all these items on my Etsy site.
I will be creating more, I will even be posting how I go through the process of creating a canvas from start to finish.
Through this season I have gained some amazing friends, here’s a shout out to Michele, God put her in my life and so blessed he did, there are times when we are not sure why things happen, but God has a plan.  I truly am blessed..He has also given me a bible study group that I love, and these woman are amazing and strong, I have so much to learn from them.  We too help in a small bible study group with a couple that have been so huge in our lives these last few months, I thank them for their support. I look forward to these budding friendships.
What is your favorite or not so favorite season, what is it that you do to help you through difficult times?
Have a blessed day!!


New doors open!!!

So much has been going on these last few months.  The home improvement still continues (even though not fun at times) doors close as other ones open.  I have been working a temp job for a couple months now which has been very helpful in paying some much over due bills. But it will end soon and I really need to find something that has been taking up some time as well, finding a job is a job..
As many of you know from this post HERE. We have moved from one church to another.  I have grown so much in this transition.  I have been hurt and I have been healed.  People have left our lives and new wonderful ones have come in.  One of the doors that have opened is, one to minister to Woman in the prison system.  God opened this door I just had to walk through it…for months I have asked HIM to use me in a way that brings Him Glory, he presented it, I obeyed.  I LOVE IT!!!! I think the one thing that had me step back and go OMGoodness is that these Woman look like my mom, my daughter my neighbor.  Some of them have committed crimes that we as society see as not forgivable, but God see’s then in a different way and loves them regardless and I need to as well.  He has given me 17 woman to lead in bible study and to say that I am there for them is far from it…they are there for me.  Not sure I can even described it in words.
God has also brought people into my life these last several months that I can’t begin to imagine my life without..oh how thankful I am.  God is so good, he knows what I need and he delivers, THANK YOU!!.
So that is a little bit of what I have been doing, plus I have been painting alot!!! This is another door He has opened, I had my first person request a painting from me, I delivered it last week and she loved it…to think one of my paintings is on someones wall is crazy…I do alot of mixed media, I think because there are no rules to it…it’s play and have fun..
This is the one I sold…it’s funny because this is not my favorite thing I have done, but what is the saying 
” One persons trash is another mans treasure”..not that it is trash but you get the picture.
I worked on this one and just listed it on Etsy.
“I will give you peace and quietness” 1 Chron 16:11
Well there it is in a nutshell..alot of transition this last 10 months, but good stuff…I look forward to the next 10 months//


Fun Art and California

Hello all… as some of you know I am on vacation this week in California..I have had the best time sweet girls and grand babies are the best..we are all staying with my mom, so it has been real nice just hanging out, laughing, talking and eating..It has gone by way to fast. I will post pics on another post next week when I get back.
My mom’s birthday was at the beginning of the month, and I wanted to make her something from the heart and bring it with  me.  I love painting (not sure I would call myself and artist but….) it is a great escape.  I love bright colors and a whimsical feel to my painting..I was trying to figure out what to make and since it was her birthday I thought I would paint a cake instead of making one (save some calories)..
The picture isn’t that great, I took it with my phone, but I think you can see what I was trying to do..
Love, Laugh and eat Cake…
I made a cute little owl for my grand daughter but forgot to take a picture, so I will have to have my daughter do it for me.and I will post on that later…
We are off to go swimming and enjoy the last day…have a wonderful day, give the ones you love a big hug..

New Obssesion!!

I am sure most of you have heard of Pinterest, but if you haven’t you have to go check  it out.  It is a site that is like a virtual pinboard, a place where you can create collections of things you love and “follow” collections created by people with great taste.
It is so perfect for me right now with all the projects I am doing right now.  It is full of inspiration, from Fashion to Art..
I started my own pin board, go out and tell me what you think..have fun, but get out while you can, because you could end up 3hrs later still looking through peoples creative boards.

I dream of a craft space..

In my previous post I talked about my step-kids living with us half time in a couple of of the transitions is that I will be giving up my little piece of heaven on craft room. Here are a couple of pictures. I took these awhile ago, so lets just say that is has paints and paper all over the place and the closet isn’t as clean as this picture shows.
To the left of this picture is a bed and mirror and shelves, this doubles as a guest room..this will become Mya’s room.
I have two closets full of stuff, plus have added two tables to this room that are not in these pictures.  They are full of paint, paper, pens and stickers..I have a thing for paper and paint.
We have a little shed out in our backyard that I wish I could take over but that is where we keep bikes, lawn mower and all the kids there is no room.
So I will be banished into the garage which I will have to share with the motorcycles (not complaining I love our bikes).  I have been looking around the internet for some inspiration and it is crazy what craft rooms woman have..I think I am a little enjoy what I found..maybe you will find some inspiration along the way..
I am starting with this, it is HOUSE yes a craft HOUSE…
This is the beginning of the can read more about it here
Inside of the house…look at these floors they are so pretty.
Here is another little house/craft house, and the two pictures below are the inside.

Love all the storage..

WOW…love all the storage and counter splace..
So colorful and pretty..makes me smile.
I really like this little space..
Having a room like this would get my creative juices flowing that is for sure.. Hopefully I won’t have to go long without a space..
Not sure if my little space in the garage will look like any of these rooms, but a girl can dream..Through everything I have looked through, just about everyone went to IKEA…the closest one is in Charlotte, NC which is about 2.5hrs away…maybe I will get down there soon.
Hope this was a little bit of inspiration for you as well..have Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter!